Campaign for Real Ale (CAMRA) Society of Victoria. B.C. -Beer on the Beach Protest – August 26, 2018 1pm

Campaign for Real Ale (CAMRA) Society of Victoria. B.C. -Beer on the Beach Protest – August 26, 2018 1pm

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Att: Municipality of Saanich Mayor and Council

RE: CAMRA Victoria to hold Picnic on the Beach to Advocate for Responsible Public Drinking Rights

On August 26, 2018, members of The Campaign for Real Ale British Columbia will hold responsible Picnic Protests within each of the four chapter locations: Victoria, Vancouver, Powell River, and South Okanagan. While this type of activity is generally considered an average Sunday in many other cities, in each of the above locations, it’s breaking the law.

Under provincial liquor policies, “a public place, or part of it, may be designated, by a bylaw of the municipality or regional district that has jurisdiction over the public place, as a place where liquor may be consumed” (s 73, Liquor Control and Licensing Act of British Columbia). CAMRA BC President Paddy Treavor states, “For decades, it has been allowable by BC liquor policies for the public consumption of alcohol in the province’s public spaces in certain circumstances. Despite this allowance, few, if any, municipalities or regional districts have taken the necessary steps to allow for controlled liquor consumption in public spaces and we all know that does not mean that liquor is not being covertly and responsibly enjoyed in these same places. CAMRA BC would like to see this change.”

CAMRA Victoria has planned a family friendly event where members are encouraged to bring their kids, beach games, and a lunch – and some members will be bringing a beer to drink responsibly at the event as a form of protest. Non-alcoholic beverages and snacks will be available.   We will carry out any and all waste the event creates. It should be noted that this will be a small group of responsible society members. Attendees will be aware this is not a celebration but a brief and responsible protest in picnic form.

We have arrived at Craigflower-Kosapsom Park for its central location and access to washrooms and bus routes (next to the schoolhouse).  The municipality of Saanich can grant this area as temporarily available area for people to responsibly consume alcohol so that our peaceful picnic does not cross any bylaws.  If the municipality does not wish to grant this area we plan to proceed with our picnic and members may choose to bring an alcoholic beverage to consume on site. We will also provided this letter to the Saanich Police Department.  The same courtesy was granted to the Vancouver Police Department and city council during last year’s event.

In 2017 CAMRA Vancouver held a successful picnic protest at the much more populated English Bay.  No issues were reported nor tickets written and the media coverage of the event was very favourable and can easily be found online via reputable outlets such as CBC, Vancouver Sun and Global.  Please direct any questions/replies to our email: and we hope we can begin a dialogue in advance of August 26th to address any of your concerns.

Thank you for your Attention and Consideration,

Greg Garner


CAMRA Victoria

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